Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have new owners?
We’re still the same dedicated team who made and sold popcorn as CR Popcorn Co. and Great American Popcorn Co. Cedar Rapids since 2012!

Why change your name?
A new opportunity “popped” up to create our own name and look, so we took it!

What does “Almost Famous” mean? Why only “Almost” famous?
We’ve enjoyed a few moments in the spotlight since we began, but we know there’s so much more to be popped, so we’re not going to get ahead of ourselves.

Does Great American Popcorn still exist?
The folks at Great American Popcorn Co. still sell at their original shop in Galena, Illinois.

What does “moments that pop” mean?
Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to creating moments of delight for our customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve heard over and over from customers that visiting our store, eating the popcorn, or buying someone a gift pack created a special moment for them and their loved ones. We love the opportunity to create delightful moments, also known as “moments that pop!”

Is the popcorn the same?
We’ve got a few new things up our sleeve, but you can expect the same delicious flavor and quality!

Will you still be making popcorn in your store?
To match growing demand, we have a brand new 3,000-square-foot production facility in Cedar Rapids, which is gluten-free and nut-free. We will still make flavors that contain gluten and nuts in our store to keep the allergens segregated.

Is the location the same?
We’re still located at our shop in the NewBo district on 3rd Street.

Are you still going to sell fudge and ice cream?
Yes! We still have our delicious ice cream and housemade fudge in addition to our popcorn.

Can I still use my loyalty card? Are any old Great American Popcorn coupons or gift certificates still valid?
Yes, we will continue to honor Great American Popcorn coupons, gift cards and loyalty cards. We also have a similar Almost Famous loyalty program.

Will you ever be actually famous?
We hope that someday we’ll be behind every moment that pops. Maybe then we’ll be actually famous.